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  1. The Terpene-Rich Cannabis Strains That Inspired the Dizzies Flavor Craze

    At Dizzies, we bring nostalgic feels into a modern era of rainbows, unicorns, and all-around good vibes with specialized strains that deliver a powerfully playful high packed with flavor. Dizzies strains are multifaceted psychedelic proportions.  Drawn in by the vibrant colors, you stay for the otherworldly vibes, swirling in a hazy spectrum of old-school hippy-dippy…

  2. Dizzie’s Grape Soda Flavor is a Nostalgic Adult Treat Great for Vibes and Giggles

    Once a syrupy, viscous-y, sugary indulgence, grape soda has evolved into a tasty treat for adults. Fun With Dizzie’s groovy Grape Soda cannabis strain packs a body high consistent with its “in-da-couch” lean while also sending you coasting through a galaxy of giggles and good vibes.   🍇🥤 The acceleration effects start almost instantly as…

  3. WTF is the Cannabis Flavor Wheel:  Dizzie’s Guide to Top Terpenes and Flavorful Fun

    The cannabis flavor wheel is your guide to all the possibilities of flavors, aromas, and a complete cannabis sensory experience.   Cannabis flower is most definitely a flower, and flowers smell pretty dang good.  Each flower strain has a unique aromatic sensory experience – let’s call it a flavorful flight.  At Dizzies where flavor is…


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