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Dizzie’s Grape Soda Flavor is a Nostalgic Adult Treat Great for Vibes and Giggles

Once a syrupy, viscous-y, sugary indulgence, grape soda has evolved into a tasty treat for adults. Fun With Dizzie’s groovy Grape Soda cannabis strain packs a body high consistent with its “in-da-couch” lean while also sending you coasting through a galaxy of giggles and good vibes.   🍇🥤

The acceleration effects start almost instantly as you twist the jar open and a rush of piney fruit notes engulf your nostrils. You take another whiff because there’s more depth to the immediately sweet scent. The lavender aroma from the linalool terpene gently makes itself known, and the entire “scent-ual” experience is rounded out by a woodsy wave that transports you straight onto a log listening to the crackle and pop of a glorious campfire. 

Then, much like the popular strain OG Kush, Grape Soda’s leaves plant a juicy sweetness on your taste buds as you light the joint and inhale. The pungent purple buds give way to a dancy affair in your mouth and your limbs quickly feel the electrifying synapses, too. A delicious jolt of energy ensues from the euphoria; alas, the body and brain have become one in this alternative realm of relaxation. 

A Cannabinoid Blend Built for Sinking Deep

A modern rendition of strains Grape Ape or Purple Urkle, Dizzie’s Grape Soda holds its own as a cardinal tincture for a calm, chill back half of the day. Within minutes, the mind becomes immersed in a sunny, desert landscape with limitless stretches of sand. The earthy grape taste of the bud melts one’s entire being into a wonderfully pleasing state of sedation.

You dive into the here and now as the cannabinoids bring a soft focus to your surroundings. The tick of the clock, the breeze flowing through the open window, the crickets chirping as the sun sets behind you sends you floating in an abyss of whimsy.  

The high peaks and you cascade into a valley of silly nonsensory. The pen in your hand can’t glide fast enough; you ripple and wave through newfound ideas and concepts that surely will change the world. Because why hasn’t someone already introduced that ingenious reusable cellophane?!, you wonder. 

An Elixir for All The Giddy Feels

And then, like a cat out of a bag, you’re up and at ‘em. It’s as if someone has already begun baking oatmeal raisin cookies – your salivary glands excitedly anticipate the deliciousness. The Grape Soda strain hurls your hand into the pantry for the nutty, savory compliment to this floral, citrus smoke session. 

Dizzie’s Grape Soda offers such a relief from worry that even your failed quest for said cookie doesn’t phase you. Spooning peanut butter right from the jar satisfies just as well, you say to yourself.  The elevated mood brought on by this strain consumes in such a way that a proud giddiness masks any propensity for anxiety or sadness or overthinking to be alive. 

Grape Soda, for Adults

Muscles soften and smiles abound as the heavy-bodied experience leads you to bed where you slip between the sheets and rest your head on your pillow. Glide into a rest so good that the out-of-body sensation remains even when you wake.  So, take a sweet fizzy sip of that pleasant Grape Soda and let the body and mind eb and flow.

Dizzies’s Strain:  Grape Soda

The Feels:  Indica Leaning, Smooth Relaxation, Evening Winddown 

Simliar Strains:  OK Kush, Grape Ape, Purple Urkle, Grandaddy Purple, Purple Aurora

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