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WTF is the Cannabis Flavor Wheel:  Dizzie’s Guide to Top Terpenes and Flavorful Fun

The cannabis flavor wheel is your guide to all the possibilities of flavors, aromas, and a complete cannabis sensory experience.   Cannabis flower is most definitely a flower, and flowers smell pretty dang good.  Each flower strain has a unique aromatic sensory experience – let’s call it a flavorful flight. 

At Dizzies where flavor is our king, queen, and everything in between – we’ll fill you in on how to read that big wheel of goodness.

Let the Terps Shine Through

It’s all in the terpenes, or as we like to call them – funky organic compounds responsible for the rich spectrum of flavors and aromas found in your flower.  The main flavor terms describing terpenes are fruity, earthy, spicy, and sour.   Some flower strains have an earthy, musky vibe, while others hit you hard with a burst of citrus or fruit explosion (oh hello, Dizzies) or maybe even a woodsy pine base note.  There are hundreds of terpenes and terpene combinations, so here are the deets on our favorite “terps”:

1. Myrcene Magic: Best for Down-to-Earth Vibes & Chilling TF Out

  • Strains heavy on myrcene bring on a super chill with earthy and musky flavors.  Imagine you’re a fairy strolling through a forest after a fresh rainfall.  Magic.  Wind down, put on your favorite tunes, and chilll out. 
  • Notes: earthy, sweet, fruity, herby.
  • Dizzies Flavors with Mrycene: Black Cherry Bomb Pop, Grape Soda, Strawberry Milkshake

2. Limonene Lifts: A Mood-Boosting Citrus Zing

  • Imagine sunshine.  It’s warmth, it’s glow, it’s light.  Now imagine sipping on sunshine, as if it’s poured into a tall glass of perfectly chilled lemonade.  Limonene-packed strains are zesty to the core, mood-uplifting, and ooze citrusy goodness.  
  • Notes: lemony, citrusy, zesty, floral, fruity, and fragrant.
  • Dizzies Flavors with Limolene:  Frozen Lemonade, Green Apple Sucker, Blue Raspberry Slushie

3.  Pinene Paradise: A Stroll through the Deep Woods of the Mind

  • Strains rich in pinene are exactly as the name sounds, like getting lost and loving it in a lush forest of dense pine trees. It’s invigorating, it’s stimulating, it’s fresher than fresh.  Pinene will soothe the senses.  So go ahead, take a long, deep breath.
  • Notes:  sweet, piney, woodsy, and sometimes spicy.
  • Dizzies Flavors with Pinene:  Frozen Lemonade, Grape Soda, Strawberry Milkshake

4. Caryophyllene Crunch: For those who Like It Spicy

  • Caryophyllene is packing some heat.  Think peppery and spicy undertones that can add a serious punch to your smoke sesh. We’re talking more than just a flavor, it’s a carnival for the senses.  Often its profile may be more subtle than you think – a strain with  Caryophyllene can be fruity but also have a hint of a spicy fizz.
  • Notes: peppery, warm, herby.
  • Dizzies Flavors with Caryophyllene: Grape Soda

Pack it, Then Pair It

Folks love to talk about pairing wine with cheese.  Maybe you’re one of these folks.  We won’t judge; we love wine and we love cheese.  Anyways – now that you’re a certified cannabis connoisseur, experiment with pairing your favorite strains with your favorite foods and bevvies. A myrcene-dominant strain with fruit and earthy tones (ahem.. Dizzie’s Cherry Bomb Pop) pairs well with a nutty liquor or the creamy richness of a vanilla ice cream sundae. 

So there you have it – the cannabis flavor wheel decoded in our favorite flavor boosters – those mighty terpenes lighting up the Dizzie’s spectrum. The next time you light one up, savor all the sensory experiences and have a flavorful flight.   

xoxo, Dizzies

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