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The Terpene-Rich Cannabis Strains That Inspired the Dizzies Flavor Craze

At Dizzies, we bring nostalgic feels into a modern era of rainbows, unicorns, and all-around good vibes with specialized strains that deliver a powerfully playful high packed with flavor.

Dizzies strains are multifaceted psychedelic proportions.  Drawn in by the vibrant colors, you stay for the otherworldly vibes, swirling in a hazy spectrum of old-school hippy-dippy ways.  But where do these flavors come from? It’s all in the genetics.

The Juicy Genetics behind the Dizzies Flavor Strains

Each Dizzie’s strain is uniquely formulated based on top fruit strains that have dominated the cannabis landscape for decades.  We took the top traits from all your favorite smokin’ strains and meticulously crafted unique mouth-watering flavors. Each flavor option offers a boldly individualized effect for foraying into different realms of magic. Here are the juicy details below on the genetics behind the flavor madness:

Dizzies Strain:  Grape Soda

Similar Strains:  OK Kush, Grape Ape, Purple Urkle, Grandaddy Purple, Purple Aurora

THC: Averaging 35%

This strain ultra-soothing with a lush grape scent that calms your body and mind.  Much like OG Kush or Grape Ape strains, Dizzie’s Grape Soda is indica-leaning and best for an evening smoke session.  It can help soothe anxiety, help you destress, and promote relaxation.

Dizzies Strain: Frozen Lemonade

Similar Strains: Gorilla Haze, Lemon OG, Pineapple Express, Limoncello

THC: Averaging 35%

This strain packs a punch to your pallet with bright citrus notes.  Much like the popular Pineapple Express, Frozen Lemonade produces long-lasting energetic effects that you can feel right away.  It’s Sativa-leaning and is best suited for daytime or early evening smoke sessions.  

Dizzies Strain: Strawberry Milkshake

Similar Strains: Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Fields, Shortcake, Strawberry Dreams, Mendo Breath, Gelato

THC: Averaging 35%

This strain has intensely sweet, berry-like flavors and aromas. It also produces dreamy, potent psychoactive effects that last for relatively long durations. It’s a Sativa-leaning hybrid that’s suited for day or nighttime use. 

Dizzies Strain: Black Cherry Bomb Pop

Similar Strains: Cherry Garcia, Cherry Pie, Cherry Bomb, Goji OG, Black Cherry Cheesecake

THC: Averaging 35%

This hybrid strain smells of sweet and sour cherries. Common effects include feeling giggly, happy, and euphoric.  Its genetics stem from a blend of Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb, mixed with notes of deep black cherry.

Dizzies Strain: Green Apple Sucker

Similar Strains: Green Crack, Sour Apple Diesel, Green

THC: Averaging 35%

Green Apple Sucker is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an added high CBD content that will bring uplifting and creative, energetic effects. It carries a distinct aroma of sweet and tangy green apples and will lift you to new heights.  Its genetics stem from a blend of Sour Diesel, Cinderella 99, and Green Crack. 

Dizzies Strain: Blue Raspberry Slushie

Similar Strains: Blue Dream, Blue Cheese, Blue Gelato 41, Raspberry Kush, Blue Razz, Blue OG, Blueberry, Berry Blue

THC: Averaging 35%

This strain is loaded with berry flavor and its buds have a beautiful blue glitter tint to boast.  Expect mostly cerebral and relaxing effects from this balanced hybrid strain.  Best enjoyed from afternoon to evening. 

Tasting the Rainbow One Joint at a Time

So there you have it!  Each flavor is strong enough to stand alone for a dizzying, joyous good time.  The world is yours as you contemplate and consider which color wave to ride, then frolic in the dazzling fields rendered by the particular mix of cannabinoids in each flavor experience.

Vibrate on the feels of a hot summer day with Frozen Lemonade or ground yourself with a lush  Grape Soda roll. Zero in on your surroundings and relax to the max with Blue Raspberry Slushy, then come back for the body buzz Green Apple Sucker presents. Indulge in the cerebral effects of Strawberry Milkshake and top it off with the smooth luxuriating sesh of Black Cherry Pop. 



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